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Trusted automotive repair services since 30+ years

Automotive Repair

Finding an honest, trustworthy, and skilled mechanic can be a daunting task – how do you know you are dealing with an honest, reputable shop? Fortunately there is an answer to these questions — Century Automotive Repair.

We have been giving Lincoln area customers honest, trustworthy service since 1989. You can have confidence that your repair will be completed to your satisfaction.

If you are actively shopping for a used car, we have a special offer. When you pay for your first inspection, you will receive a second inspection free within a 30 day period.

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Alternative Fuel & Conversions

Century Automotive is at the forefront of providing environmentally friendly conversion options for Lincoln automobile owners. If you are looking for independence from oil companies or wanting to increase the fuel efficiency of your fleet, there are options for you.

Century Automotive also provides Flex Fuel conversions to take advantage of the more inexpensive E-85 fuel offered at many gas stations. Due to the way the E-85 burns and reacts with some rubber and plastic, normal cars can’t run it without conversion. Century automotive can help make the transition trouble free.

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